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Updated as of 11.02.22

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We have puppies available with a wide variety of colors and pricing

We base our pricing on parents, pedigree and colors

Most of our puppies are aimed toward breeding families, while we do offer some companion pricing on some of our puppies to families that

are not looking to breed

We hope you enjoy looking below at the puppies that we have available 

Please email deanna@turbofrenchies.com with any questions that you may have

FULL FLUFFY litter is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cowabunga x GiGI

Introducing our Top notch



PRICING starts at $15k and goes up

TOP of the line pedigree

Invest in your program with one of these babies, it could change your life!

Cowabunga is a MAUI son

GiGi is a TITAN daughter

If you know anything about fluffies or frenchies, you will know these names!

Charlie Merle Full Fluffy girl

ata Coco DD EMe nM nS l4l4

Carole- coco cream full fluffy girl

ata coco DD ee nM nS l4l4

Maverick- blue and tan merle full fluffy boy

ata Coco dd EMEM nM l1l4

Iceman- Blue cream full fluffy boy

ata Coco dd ee nS l1l4

Viper- Blue cream full fluffy boy

ata Coco dd ee l1l4



puppies expected in DECEMBER 2022

With careful planning, we’ve just wrapped up a few breedings

Now we wait and hope to be blessed with some beautiful babies!!!

Piper x Yuki

All puppies will be CREAM and will carry cocoa and blue


Maybel x Ammo

all puppies will be lilac and tan OR lilac sable


Scoobs x Codigo

Expecting fawns, blue fawns, black and tans, blue and tans

Some puppies could carry FLUFFY and PIED!!!

Brinkey x King Kuro

Expecting cocoa and tans AND black and tans

ALL puppies will be FLUFFY CARRIERS!



Pricing for our puppies

Prices will be set according to color, parents, pedigrees

AKC Registered

We produce great family companions, as well as top of the line quality for breeding programs



Please email Deanna@turbofrenchies.com 

for information regarding the waiting list


Please email

Deanna@turbofrenchies.com for information

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