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AKC Registered French Bulldog Puppies in TEXAS!

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We have some great DEALS on some older puppies!!!


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If you are looking to add a new Frenchie puppy to your family, you’ve come to the right place!!!

We have Frenchie puppies available with a wide variety of colors and pricing

We base our pricing on parents, pedigree and colors

Please email deanna@turbofrenchies.com with any questions that you may have

Don’t miss out on adding one of these babies to your family


Kimber x Ammo

DOB 03.12.24

Let’s meet our
‘8 Seconds’ Babies

All of Kimber’s boys are with their new families!

Somebody needs to grab KELLIE up before she’s gone!!!


Kellie- Blue and tan girl- AVAILABLE!!!!!


Lane-RESERVED- this boy is with his new family!

Tuff- RESERVED- this boy is with his new family!

Cody- –This boy is RESERVED!!!!

Huge thanks to his new family! They will be coming from Tennessee for their SECOND TURBO FRENCHIE!!

We love it when a family comes back for another baby!!!!!

Maybel x Ammo

DOB 02.22.24



“STITCH” lilac sable boy- AVAILABLE

He has the cutest personality- he is so funny and definitely keeps us laughing with his comical antics

Stitch is now 11 weeks old! Offering a price drop from his original price! Let’s find his forever peeps!!!




“LILO” – RESERVED!!!!- this girl is with her new family!!!

Below are OLDER puppies that we have… We are anxious to get them all with their new loving familes

We are offering some GREAT deals on them… If you are looking to “skip the baby puppy stages” then let’s chat!

Let’s find them each their FOREVER FAMILIES!!!!

CeCee x King Casanova 

CeCee x King Casanova


Barney aka “BROTHER”- platinum boy availablefull or PET

SIX months old

This boy right here is one cool little dude! Super chill and so laid back…. OLE’ MAN SOUL fits him very well!


platinum girl- fluffy carrier

This little girl LOVES to run and play and she has the SWEETEST side about her!!!


GiGi x Corduroy

DOB 10.30.23

Super nice pedigree: TITAN  ** EXCELLENCE **  APOLLO GHOST

If you are looking to add FLUFFY to your program, this litter is absolutely amazing

Not looking to breed??? Perfectly okay, they will make the BEST FAMILY PETS TOO!!!!



Charlottte York  available- PET or Breeding Rights!!!

ata Bb Coco Dd EMe l1/l4

Offering with FULL AKC Registration for your program


Mr. Perfect available- PET or Breeding Rights!!!

aa Bb coco Dd EMEM nS l1/l1

This boy would be an amazing addition to a breeding program

Cocoa full fluffy boy…..


Miranda- AVAILABLE- 

Blue and Tan Fluffy- SPECAL PET PRICE!

Miranda is a super sweet girl! She loves to romp and play

Plays very well with the other puppies and she LOVES to land in your lap for CUDDLES!!!

If you are looking to add a new cuddle bug to the family, this is your girl!!!!

6 months old… skip those baby puppy stages!

Lainey x Yuki

DOB 05.08.24

We are blown away with NINE beautiful babies!

5 boys / 4 girls

The waiting list has been started for this litter, please email for details!

Both parents were produced right here at TURBO FRENCHIES, super proud of these babies!

Individual Pics Coming Soon!!!!!!


WRANGLER- lilac & tan boy

CINCH – lilac & tan boy

ROCKY- lilac fawn boy

STETSON- lilac fawn boy

ROPER- lilac sable fawn boy

ANNABELLE- lilac & tan girl

STELLA-  super light lilac fawn girl

SCARLETTE- lilac fawn girl

GRETA- lilac sable fawn girl


Prices will be set according to color, parents, pedigree

AKC Registered

We produce great family companions, as well as top of the line quality for breeding programs



Please email deanna@turbofrenchies.com

for information regarding the waiting list


Please email

Deanna@turbofrenchies.com for information

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