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AKC Registered French Bulldog Puppies in TEXAS!

 please email for details!


Updated as of 09.26.23



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If you are looking to add a new Frenchie puppy to your family, you’ve come to the right place!!!

We have Frenchie puppies available with a wide variety of colors and pricing

We base our pricing on parents, pedigree and colors

Please email deanna@turbofrenchies.com with any questions that you may have

We have some GREAT DEALS on FOUR Older puppies that we have-

Frank, Luigi, Guido are FLUFFY boys  (DOB 04.10.23)

“KJ” is a lilac and tan girl  (DOB 04.07.23)

SPECIAL PRICES on them… skip the baby puppy stages… 

Discount pricing to add one to your family!

Or let’s make a deal on keeping TWO of them together!!!

Email us and LET’S TALK!!!!!






Scoobs x Cake

DOB 08.04.23

Meet the SCOOBY DOO’S!!!!!

Take advantage of our SPECIAL PET PRICING on this litter!

SHAGGY- Shaggy is a handsome blue and tan boy- AVAILABLE

His personality is starting to shine and I can already tell he’s going to be a hoot! LOL


Handsome fawn boy, LOVES to cuddle already





Maybel x Ammo

DOB 08.07.23

Meet the “B I G    B A N G”   Theory!!!

Penny-  lilac sable girl- AVAILABLE


Leonard- lilac sable boy-AVAILABLE


Howard- lilac sable boy- AVAILABLE


Raj- lilac sable boy- AVAILABLE

Planned Breedings to wrap up 2023

2023 has been an exciting year for us! We have a few planned breedings to wrap up 2023

Let’s go out with a BANG!!!!!!

Please email us to get on our waiting list!

Kira x Ammo

Expecting: blue/tans, cocoa/tans, lilac/tans


Expecting around 10.06.23


Brinky x Ammo

Expecting: blue/tans, cocoa/tans, lilac/tans


CeCee x King Casanova 

Total PLATINUM litter! Some could carry fluffy and/or rojo (testable b)


Emmy x Ammo

Expecting: blue/tans, cocoa/tans, lilac/tans

Gi Gi x Corduroy

Full Fluffy Litter Coming Up!!!

Pricing for our puppies

Prices will be set according to color, parents, pedigrees

AKC Registered

We produce great family companions, as well as top of the line quality for breeding programs



Please email Deanna@turbofrenchies.com 

for information regarding the waiting list


Please email

Deanna@turbofrenchies.com for information

DISCLAIMER: We have the right to refuse service to anyone